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Thank you internet I finally found a feminist blog ubcan follow without feeling like they are trying to target all men a perverted flith that the world would be better off without (which is wrong for so many reasons). Sadly blog is about women who have been hurt, but at least they don’t think (or at least I can’t tell) all men are the same.
I mean for the people who know me personally they can all agree I am probably nicer to women an I am to men.      










it’s weird how people talk bad about strippers but no one says anything about the people who go to see them


Who’s worse? The woman who dances on a pole making $600 a day or the man stepping out on his wife and family to…

No, they’re not. Unlike the man with the “wife and kids” in this situation, the woman is making the money. She’s doing what she wants (or has) to do, and she’s earning all this fucking money off this possible sleazeball. Even if she has a partner and/or kids, she’s working and making money. It’s her job.

But it’s not regardless as to whether she has a partner or not, if you are using that logic though, that means we can also assume that the man watching regardless of him having a family or not, is not wrong, he chooses to do that. And supposedly his money is the one helping the stripper, and her dancing is entertaining him.

What is the point of this reply??? Go “argue” somewhere else Raymond. I’ve had enough if you anyway. You might as well unfollow me too. I hate it when you’ve commented on my posts before and mentioned something along the lines of, “what about the men” or “not all men are like that”. I don’t wanna waste my time and go through your stinking blog. And now you’re defunding the hypothetic naming this post when there’s no need to. Go home

That’s because some of your posts revolve around females making assumptions about males, and I have nothing against females, but making assumptions about any one gender or what they do is wrong on both accounts. I hate it equally when males make assumptions about females as well. That’s the point of this reply. Check it, if you have to make insults in your argument, then it shows your “shaky-ness” in the argument itself. The only point I am trying to make is that not all men and women are the same.

I think I fucking know that not all genders go with stereotypes, thank you very much. I make/reblog assumptions about guys because THEY ARE ACTUALLY HARMFUL AND ARE ACTUAL FUCKING PROBLEMS. For example, a guy getting “friend zoned” isn’t a problem, he just can’t take no for an answer. A guy getting butthurt over a girl dating someone else when she said she didn’t feel like dating at the moment isn’t a problem. Treating prostitutesand strippers like they’re filthy people equates to the mistreatment of those people which includes murder, rape, and generally looking down on those people and treating them as subhuman. THIS IS A PROBLEM WOMEN HAVE. And did the original post about strippers even say “all married men leave their wives and children go to strip clubs”? No! Go take your men’s rights activism somewhere else, it’s unwanted here and you need to stop

I am a good example? Of what?
No, the post didn’t say all men. But when posts start off with “Men do this” or “Women do this”, that’s implying you are talking about all people who are of this gender…

Let’s say we are going to talk about this subject, strippers… I am implying that both are wrong to talk about. You shouldn’t talk bad about the stripper, and you shouldn’t talk bad about the people seeing them, ESPECIALLY if its funding her job.

Also, I know that rape is a problem for women, I mean for some reason some people are forgetting about what happens in prison, but that’s a different subject for another time. I believe that boys should DEFINITELY keep their hands to themselves, especially if the female doesn’t feel like it, but I feel the same for vice versa.

I believe in women’s right in almost all aspects, but by calling someone we don’t know a ” sleazeball” are you not taking the same approach by going as low as the people doing it? What does that make you?

I hate how SOME women are treated. But I hate bullying of almost any form, especially if the person doing it, thinks that it’s right to do.

Edit: I forgot some words, might need to re-read it sorry.

Well Raymond, guys like us ( not black or young, but chivalrous and cheering) always have the short end of this deal.
We oppose the stereotypes set by a number of people. We try to defend ourselves by showing that not everyone; every man, is a bad person, but that if you open your eyes and forget all prejudice you have against a person (race, gender, sexuallity, etc) you will learn the truth behind that person. I hate the fact that I have to be a masculist and a homophobe for that I hate having myself categorized into a subgroup of what I am.
The worst part about this is that the people that see it will have the idea that I am “he man woman hater” who is ignorant to the topic but, I FUCKING KNOW. it may seem bold for me to say but I KNOW! the minority of the people I know are women and a good chunk are feminist.
I could go on a rant about how we are closer to quality than you think but I must go sing my sister happy birthday

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